Why film your wedding?

Your wedding is considered to be one of the happiest time in your live. It represents the beginning of a new episode in your lives. Having a wedding video makes it possible for children to see what really happened at their parent’s wedding and to capture the special moments that time will never forget. So much planning goes into a wedding and that day goes by so fast for the bride and groom, that they cannot remember all the event’s of the day.

That’s where Your Wedding Video can let you share your moments and pass them on to your friends and family for years to come. Photography has been around for many years but it can not capture the emotion or enjoyment of the wedding celebrations quite like video. Photography can not capture sound as the bride and groom say theirs vows or the laughter at the speeches or the emotion of the first dance.

What video equipment do you use?

We use Sony camera’s which is a broadcast high definition standard as well as Canon DSLR for the creative shots . We have a wide range of audio microphones and supporting equipment.

What should I be looking for in a videographer?

I started my career as a news cameraman for a television station over 20 years ago and have never left the industry. The same goes for editing, I have had the range of editing experience in the past from documentaries to being an editor on the film Intermission.

I’m worried that the videographer will be too intrusive?

Out of all the weddings I’ve filmed, no one has ever said that I was too intrusive, it’s related to the above question, it comes with experience also with the correct lens I can zoom in and get the shots I need from further back.

Is there anything else needed form us apart from the booking form information?

Yes I like to know if there is anything different happening on the day so I can be ready to capture it, it could be a slideshow at the speeches, fireworks, a special present, a performance or a different dance, the more you can tell me in advance the better.  I also require music choices in advance of wedding.

I was at a wedding and the videographer had lights, do you use lightning?

Yes I have a small light onboard the camera but I only use it about 5 times throughout the day, I feel that lighting can be intrusive but with correct camera and lenses it is not needed.